Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tourism Product Development - Effective Interpretation

Most simply, interpretation tells true and compelling stories of places, people, and events. Here you'll be introduced to interpretation and the key elements to effective interpretation - which translates to "product development" for Experiential Tourism.

Interpretive Planning
Since interpretation is a fundamental function of nature and heritage tourism activities, it should be a major focus of planning and development from the outset. The interpretive program will determine the types of activities and facilities needed.

Developing Guided Interpretive Experiences
Develop interpretive programs based on themes identified in the interpretive planning process. Here is a consise overview of important factors to consider: organization of the presentation, audience issues, and suggestions about preparing an effective presentation.

Developing Self-guided Interpretive Experiences

Most self-directed interpretation uses a printed document. The effectiveness of documents depends on the quality of their design, writing, and production. Here are some practical, no nonsense guidelines to accomplish this.

Developing Interpretation for Trails
Trails are important venues for self-directed interpretation. Trails take many forms - walking, wheelchair, biking, skiing, swimming, boating, and auto. Here are some tips on the interpretive design of trails, not their physical design.

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